Public Defender Lisa Middleman to Challenge District Attorney

Contact: Darwin Leuba

Phone: 412 652 5742

24 June 2019

Pittsburgh, PA -- Today, longtime public defender and criminal defense attorney Lisa Middleman announced her independent candidacy for District Attorney of Allegheny County.
“Today, I am announcing my independent candidacy for District Attorney of Allegheny County. In over thirty years of public service, it was never my intention to run for political office. However, Allegheny County cannot afford another term of my opponent’s poor judgement. As District Attorney, I will overhaul the office and prioritize public safety.”

“The district attorney’s policies are outdated. Communities are safer when prosecutors focus on true diversionary programs and treatment. Instead, our current DA overcharges offenses to force guilty pleas, promotes misleading “boutique” courts, and fails to work with relevant decision makers. As District Attorney, I will collaborate with colleagues in the criminal justice system to implement proven innovations that will make Allegheny County a safer place for everyone,” she remarked.

Lisa Middleman is the lifelong public defender, criminal defense attorney, and devoted mother of two who will overhaul our broken District Attorney’s office. A Highland Park native, she graduated early from Duke University in 1983 before returning home to attend the University of Pittsburgh Law School. While studying law, she worked as a Law Clerk in our Public Defender’s office. By her third year, she was promoted to full-time Chief Law Clerk, studying around work before graduating and passing the bar exam in 1987.

She continued working in our Public Defender's office, now as an attorney. She helped organize her union through the Steelworkers union and is the grievance officer, today. Lisa is assigned the most difficult and complex cases -- including death-penalty cases -- because she is one of Allegheny County’s most qualified criminal defense attorneys.

Lisa is running to be our District Attorney because the incumbent’s years of poor judgement have harmed victims, cost taxpayers millions, and torn apart families. As District Attorney, she’ll apply three decades of courtroom experience to save lives, save money, and join the effort to heal communities harmed by decades of incompetence.


Darwin Leuba